Brad and Jessie Fundraiser Press Release

Brad and Jessie Fundraiser in Terra Alta on Saturday, December 3rd.

For Immediate Release

Contact Chas Minor at 304-698-7445

Website :


Background: Brad and Jessie (Rodeheaver) Metheny are well known to people frequenting Alpine Lake Resort. Brad is head chef at Alpine Lake and Jessie is bar manager. They are very well liked and respected by the citizens of Garrett (MD) and Preston (WV) Counties.

Brad and Jessie were injured in an automobile accident. Brad has a broken back; he’s undergone surgery and is recovering. Jessie had multiple injuries and surgeries. She is currently in Heath South Mountain View Regional Rehabilitation Hospital. Both Brad and Jessie will have ongoing and massive medical expenses.

Fundraising Event: There will be a fundraiser at the Terra Alta VFW, 302 East Washington Avenue, Terra Alta, WV on Saturday, December 3 at 6:oo PM lasting throughout the evening. The VFW is a fun place for an event with a large dance floor.

There is plenty of free parking.

There will be a $10 donation at the door and a cash bar. G3 from Annapolis, MD, The Reign from Oakland, and Paul Berger from Kingwood will play the event and GNR Productions will DJ before and after the bands.

Donations: If you cannot attend, please make a donation at any Clear Mountain Bank and make a deposit to the savings account set up for Ernest B. Metheny (Brad). Send checks to Clear Mountain Bank, 1101 East State Avenue, P.O. Box 65, Terra Alta, WV, 26764 or call (304)789-2436.

Thank you Garrett and Preston Counties for your help! Let’s show our love for our community by how we treat Brad and Jessie!!! Please share this information with your friends via Facebook, e-mail or additional social media and community sites.



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